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The Sopranos: 10 Best Episodes Of Season 6 (According To IMDb)

The Sopranos is lauded as one of the greatest TV shows in history. These are the best episodes of season 6, ranked according to IMDb score.

The sixth and final season of HBO’s hit series The Sopranos was the longest and probably the best. It aired between March 12, 2006 and June 4, 2007. The season was meant to conclude after twenty episodes, but showrunner David Chase requested HBO for one more episode in order to properly end the story.

However, plenty of fans still felt that the final episode still left so many unanswered questions. Despite the controversial finale, The Sopranos won another Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards. Here are the best episodes of Season 6, according to IMDb.

Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request (8.8)

Here is the episode in which Tony beat up the largest guy in his gang just to prove he wasn’t weak. And he did so quite magnificently before smiling at himself in the mirror. A classic gangster moment. The episode began with Johnny Sack getting a six-hour release from prison to attend his daughter’s wedding.

As is the norm, all the crime families were in attendance. Johnny ended up exhibiting weird behavior at the wedding and this made the others doubt whether he could resist being a rat. Vito then pretended to leave early due to an illness, but went to a gay bar. Unfortunately, two gang members saw him, thus putting him in danger because most mob members were homophobic.

Stage 5 (8.8)

In episode 14, Johnny Sack was given more sad news. His cancer had reached Stage 5 and he only had a few months left to live. Sack soon died, leaving two contenders fighting to replace him at the boss. The battle for the top position soon turned ugly.

One of the contenders got killed and Phil Leotardo took charge. Christopher’s movie, titled “Cleaver,” also got released, but Carmela didn’t like it as she felt the plot was too similar to Tony’s life. Tony, on the other hand, appeared to love it.

Walk Like A Man (8.8)

By the seventeenth episode, Christopher and Paulie were raking in beaucoup bucks from selling stolen items with Al Lombardo’s help. But then Paulie’s men broke into Al’s property store, taking some of the goods with them. This angered Christopher who took “appropriate” action.

Later on, Tony poured out his anger at Christopher for being away most of the time. Christopher’s excuses didn’t seem genuine enough to him. Elsewhere, AJ became so depressed over his break up with Blanca that he quit his job.

Mayham (8.8)

While Tony was in hospital, Paulie pulled off a heist on a Colombian cartel’s cash stash. Despite the place being heavily guarded, they managed to get away with more than a million dollars. Meanwhile, Silvio wasn’t proving to be such a good leader and the other gang members were aiming for the top position in case Tony didn’t recover.

Paulie and Vito were ordered to give Tony’s share of $100,000 to Carmela, but they waited it out, thinking Tony was about to die. In hospital, Tony was still having weird hallucinations and at some point, he met his dead cousin Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi).

Soprano Home Movies (9.0)

In the thirteenth episode, it was finally Tony’s birthday. The mobster wasn’t really the type to go and party in Las Vegas with strippers and champagne. Since he liked to lay low, he was planning on having a good time with Carmela, Bobby and Janice, but he got arrested on a gun charge.

Tony was later released when the Sheriff felt he had no case, but the FBI filed the charge under their RICO investigation. The celebrations then continued, but Bobby and Tony had a fight after drinking too much. To Bobby’s surprise, Tony ordered him to go to Montreal to whack someone.

Kennedy and Heidi (9.1)

After being given the responsibility of being a boss, Phil Leotardo was flexing his muscles a bit too much, causing him to clash with Tony. Phil refused to let Tony use the garbage contractors to dispose the asbestos on the newest construction site.

Tony then went back to Jersey by car with Christopher Moltisanti and on the way, they got involved in a deadly accident. Christopher was the more injured party but instead of saving him, Tony pinched his nose shot, causing him to die. Tony hated Christopher’s drug problems and feared he would turn into an FBI informant.

Members Only (9.2)

The first episode was packed with plenty of events. Many seeds were planted for sagas that would unfold later on in the season. Phil Leotardo was in charge of the Lupertazzi crime family. Sack was in prison awaiting his trial. Hesh’s son-in-law was also assaulted by Phil’s arrogant men.

Gene Pontecorvo got lucky and inherited $2 million. But when he wanted to retire, the family wouldn’t allow it because he was a top earner. Ray Curto died too without ever being outed as a rat. Uncle Junior’s health also got worse, forcing Tony to reluctantly take care of him when his nurse left.

The Second Coming (9.2)

The 19th episode saw AJ sinking in depression once again due to his concerns about Meadow and his parents. He attempted suicide, but Tony managed to save him after arriving home early. He ended up in hospital, leaving the family hopeful that he’ll pull though.

One of Phil Leotardo’s men named Coco Cogliano also made disrespectful remarks to Meadow as she was out on date with her new lover. An angry Tony beat him, adding to the tensions between Phil and Tony. Phil also refused to speak to Tony regarding the issue of asbestos-disposal.

Made In America (9.3)

Tony and his family in the series finale of The Sopranos

There is still plenty of debate on whether The Sopranos ended well or not. Many felt that a show like this ought to have ended with Tony dead. But the high rating the series finale titled “Made In America” has means there are plenty of people who feel it was just fine.

In the episode, Tony and his family were still in hiding as they waited for Phil Leotardo to be “taken care of”. In as much as they understood the circumstances, his family wasn’t so fond of the below-par lifestyle they had been forced to get used to as things cleared.

The Blue Comet (9.6)

Phil Leotardo finally decided it was time to wipe out the entire Soprano Family, so he ordered several hits. However, FBI Agent Harris learned about it and warned Tony. In order to protect his family, Tony arranged for hit men to be flown in from Italy and kill Phil first.

The hit men then reported that the job was done, but they had killed the wrong person. Phil had actually gone into hiding. Just when everyone thought it was now safe, a death occurred, forcing Tony and the entire Soprano clan to go into hiding.

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