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The Sopranos: 10 Strange Things About The Show That Can’t Be Forgotten

HBO's The Sopranos was both iconic and unforgettable, but so are these strange aspects of the show that still linger in audiences' minds.

It goes without saying that The Sopranos is easily one of the best TV shows of all time, with everyone from critics to viewers heaping praise upon praise on this show since its inception due to its stellar writing, wide cast of characters, excellent direction, and everything else along the same lines. There aren’t many shows that exist that can compare to the sheer excellence of this one, which serves as a brilliant take into the (relatively) modern life of mobsters.

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Of course, just because The Sopranos might be the greatest series of all time doesn’t mean that it is completely devoid of any strange occurrences, inexplicable situations, or anything else along the same lines. In fact, there are actually numerous weird happenings over the course of the series that most fans have found hard to forget, and this list will look at ten such instances in detail.

Carmela’s Reason To Not Divorce Tony Makes No Sense Whatsoever

James Gandolfini as Tony and Edie Falco as Carmela in The Sopranos (Chasing It)

Carmela might be one of the more entertaining characters in the series, but there’s no denying the fact that she definitely has her fair share of annoying moments – most of which come during her fights with Tony.

One such fight leads to a moment where Carmela says she would’ve divorced Tony had the act not been a sin as per the Catholic Church. It’s a rather odd thing to say, considering the life of crime her husband leads. One might argue that being married to a mob boss could be way worse of a sin.

The Fact That A.J. Managed To Get A Knife In A Mental Institution Certainly Raises Some Eyebrows

AJ Soprano meets his friends to plan a night out in the Sopranos standing in front of a Coke machine.

After Junior suffers a senile episode and ends up shooting Tony, A.J. decides upon the rather harebrained act of taking revenge by taking a knife to the institute that Junior was kept in to kill him. However, he got cold feet at the critical moment and was arrested instead.

However, one must admit that the very idea of A.J. having a knife in the mental institution and not be found out before during his search is rather hard to believe, as is.

Adriana Should’ve Realized Christopher Was Bad News A Long Time Ago

Adriana goes on a date with Christopher at the Vesuvio in The Sopranos.

One of the more interesting and unique side characters on the show, there’s no denying the fact that Adriana La Cerva was easily one of the highlights of the series, with her dynamic with Christopher being an immensely captivating part of it.

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However, regardless of how entertaining this relationship might’ve been, even the most clueless viewer around could’ve guessed that an abusive and manipulative Christopher was the worst thing that could happen to Adriana. The fact that she stuck with him even after all these red flags ultimately ended up being rather costly for her.

The FBI Was Incompetent When It Came To Keeping Adriana As An Informer

Adriana on her knees in a forest while Silvio attempts to shoot her in The Sopranos

However, the death of Adriana isn’t solely on her shoulders — the FBI should’ve realized that Adriana wasn’t too valuable of an informer and should’ve ideally let her off the leash for her own safety.

Instead, what ends up happening is that Adriana becomes a rather useless informer whose conflicted ideals lead to her revealing this fact to Christopher, who ends up backstabbing her instead.

Why The FBI Never Used Bugs More Often Is Anyone’s Guess

FBI Agent Harris standing on the sidewalk in The Sopranos

Given the sheer amount of evidence and justified causes the FBI must have against the mob, it’s truly mind-boggling that the FBI didn’t just bug the cars of most mob members to get some easy evidence.

Instead, they end up being rather incompetent and end up doing more harm than good over the course of the series.

Janice Should’ve Been Cut Off From The Family, Given How Diabolical She Is

Janice Soprano in The Sopranos

The Soprano family is full of dysfunctional people, and Janice is the best example to personify this statement.

Tony knew that she was bad news from the get-go, and could’ve kept him at an arm’s length instead of letting her into his life – and ultimately endangering it.

Tony’s Treatment Of Livia Could Be Somewhat Insensitive At Times

The Sopranos Tony and Livia

There are times when Tony can get a bit too unreasonable at times, and his treatment of his own mother is a great example of this.

From forcing her into a retirement home to selling her beloved house — it’s no wonder that Livia was so angry at her own son that she ended up hatching a murder plot against him.

Junior Should’ve Never Had Access To A Gun In His Senile State

The Sopranos Junior Soprano

Over time, Junior Soprano turned from one of the most feared mob leaders to an ailing old man who was suffering major bouts of dementia, culminating in the rather shocking moment when he ended up shooting Tony after mistaking him for an intruder.

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It goes without saying that the Soprano family should’ve been more careful and removed any firearms or other potential weapons that could’ve been in Junior’s reach.

Murders In The Sopranos Happen Way Too Often And Without Any Consequences… Mostly

Phil Leotardo death in The Sopranos

While there are some notable killings over the course of The Sopranos, there are also some minor deaths that are forgotten about in the grand scheme of things, when these murders should’ve also had major consequences.

After all, the police aren’t completely incompetent and could’ve launched their own investigations that could’ve put anyone — including Tony himself — into heaps of trouble.

The Ending Is Either Brilliant Or Too Obtuse Since It Provides No Closure Whatsoever

The ending of The Sopranos

When people talk about The Sopranos, it’s only a matter of time before the most famous part of the show is brought up in the conversation — the ending.

While some people consider it to be a brilliant ending that keeps fans hooked up until the very end, there are some who feel like the nature of the ending is convoluted just for the sake of it, as opposed to actually adding to the show in some meaningful manner.

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