‘Three’s Company’: How John Ritter Laughed Off Jack Ripper’s Embarrassing Moment

Do comedians ever get embarrassed? John Ritter didn’t and this was a pretty embarrassing moment.

People often think about how difficult it must be for actors to constantly be in the spotlight. They think about how a celebrity’s personal life is scrutinized even when all they’re trying to do is grab a cup of coffee. But many people forget that the cameras are just as up-close-and-personal onset as they are off the set. This was certainly the case for John Ritter who accidentally revealed a little too much during a “Three’s Company” episode titled, “The Charming Stranger.” However, it took almost two decades for anyone to notice the slip-up.

In 2001, Nickelodeon was airing reruns of “Three’s Company” when a viewer called in with a complaint. He claimed that, while watching the show, he noticed that one of John Ritter’s testicles was visible beneath his blue boxers. During the scene, John Ritter wears blue boxers and goes into his room to change. While there, he sits down on his bed and begins removing his socks. As he lifts his leg to remove his socks, his anatomy is revealed for a few brief seconds. So, were the claims real? Well, Nickelodeon took the complaint seriously. And, after reviewing the footage, producers edited the scene out of the episode entirely. However, once something like that is released, it exists on the internet forever. So, haters can probably still find the scene somewhere.

How Did John Ritter Respond to Such an Embarrassing Moment?

Many actors would worry that a “scandal” like that would ruin their careers. But not John Ritter. During an interview on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in 2003, Ritter joked about the incident. He said that his agent called him to break the news and quickly let him know that the press would need a response from him.

“I said I know Dick at Nite, I mean Nick at Nite is cutting the offending member, I mean the offending scene,” said Ritter laughing. “It’s not funny. It’s not funny.”

Ritter said that, eventually, he did have to provide an official response to the press. So, John Ritter responded to the situation in perfect John Ritter style. He made a hilarious joke.

“What happened was I finally had to respond,” said Ritter. “So I asked Nickelodeon to please air both versions. Because sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t.”

John Ritter said the press had a field day with his response and printed it in almost every publication.

“It went all over, to print. And I actually have a few of them framed,” laughed Ritter. “I’m so proud.”

Ritter concluded that the entire situation was simply a representation of the celebrity lifestyle.

“It’s just amazing,” said Ritter. “You think that your privacy is just one step beyond surreal and then it gets even crazier.”

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